Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Perscitus Solutions’s Cloud services helps enterprises in enhancing customer experience, accelerating business outcomes and building future ready capabilities. We help our customers optimize, scale, manage and outsource IT resources to rationalize investments. Our industry solutions help simplify processes, modernize applications and enable cognitive intelligence to meet our customers’ business needs. Perscitus Solutions partners with best of breed products such as Sales force, Oracle, Microsoft and a host of ecosystem partners to provide cutting edge solutions.

Cloud computing is changing the way businesses and users interact with computers and mobile devices. Gone are the days of expensive data centers, racks of disk drives, and large it support teams. In their place are software applications delivered to users on demand from the cloud, high-capacity, auto-replicated, secure cloud-based disk-storage and databases, virtualized-server and desktop environments, and cloud-based collaboration tools which support on-premise-, remote-, and hybrid-team success. Within the pages of cloud computing, readers will find a hands-on introduction to the cloud, which will have them using cloud-based data storage to store personal documents and to share photos and other digital media with other users and their own various devices, performing cloud-based automated backups, and using other cloud-based applications by the end of chapter 1! Readers will learn specifics about software as a service (saas), platform as a service (paas), infrastructure as a service (iaas), server and desktop virtualization, and much more. Each chapter of the book presents a cloud topic, examines the underlying business case, and then takes the reader on a test drive. The chapters are filled with real-world case studies. The book's content is ideal for users wanting to migrate to the cloud, it professionals seeking knowledge on cloud fundamentals, developers who will build the cloud solutions of the future, and cios wanting insights on the most recent cloud solutions

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Number of customers have joined the Clouded Services community and use Clouded Services solutions to build their businesses. The cloud computing platform provides the flexibility to build your application, your way, regardless of your use case or industry.

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Our Analysis

You can save time, money, and let Perscitus Clouded Services manage your infrastructure, without compromising scalability, security, or dependability. Perscitus Clouded Services provides trusted Cloud based solutions to help you meet your business needs.

Infrastructure as a Service, sometimes abbreviated as IaaS, contains the basic building blocks for cloud IT and typically provide access to networking features, computers (virtual or on dedicated hardware), and data storage space. Infrastructure as a Service provides you with the highest level of flexibility and management control over your IT resources and is most similar to existing IT resources that many IT departments and developers are familiar with today.

Platforms as a service remove the need for organizations to manage the underlying infrastructure (usually hardware and operating systems) and allow you to focus on the deployment and management of your applications. This helps you be more efficient as you don’t need to worry about resource procurement, capacity planning, software maintenance, patching, or any of the other undifferentiated heavy lifting involved in running your application.

Software as a Service provides you with a completed product that is run and managed by the service provider. In most cases, people referring to Software as a Service are referring to end-user applications. With a SaaS offering you do not have to think about how the service is maintained or how the underlying infrastructure is managed; you only need to think about how you will use that particular piece software. A common example of a SaaS application is web-based email where you can send and receive email without having to manage feature additions to the email product or maintaining the servers and operating systems that the email program is running on.

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